Shade is an abundant feature at the complex with multiple pavilions, wrap-around porches on the concession buildings, and spectator shade structures on every field.

Baseball/Softball Fields

The Colony Five Star Complex encompasses five contemporary baseball Fields and two softball fields. Each field includes terraced spectator seating as well as color coded dugout shade structures, top rails, and scoreboards adding to the ease of field identification. Field dimensions: 1 - (black):  300' outfield fence, 90' base paths, and 60' 6" from the pitchers mound to home plate. 3 - (blue, tan, and yellow): 200' - 250' outfield ence, and multiple base paths. 1 - (white):  200' outfield fence, 60' base paths, and 46' from the mound to home. 2 - (silver, red): softball fields with skinned infield.  200' fence, 60' base paths, and 40' from the mound to home.

Soccer Fields

The Colony Five Star Complex houses six soccer fields maintained by an advanced derivation system ensuring quality turf for maximum game potential. Field dimensions: (2) 240' X 165' and (4) 400' x 250'

Football Fields

The Colony Five Star Complex features two Football Fields with hi-quality turf for safe and even footing. Field dimensions: (2) 400' X 250'

Hike and Bike Trail

Among the many elements of sports, community, environment, recreation, and culture found at The Colony Five Star Complex, you can enjoy 1 .18 miles of hike and bike trails that meander the perimeter of the complex. Take in the unique native stonework and Texas themed architecture as you escape the lights and sounds through the 75' beautifully landscaped buffer zone.

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